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How to Buy through HomeSeeker SA

We’re making it easier for South Australians to buy their own home. Understand more about how buying a home through HomeSeeker SA works in five easy steps.

Step 1: Do your research 

If it’s your first time buying property, start with our guide on How to Buy a Home.

Step 2: See what’s available

Search HomeSeeker SA properties to see what’s currently for sale, check out property features and get an idea of what your ideal home might cost.

Step 3: Sign up to HomeSeeker SA

Sign up to receive property alerts based on your search preferences and opt-in for information on new offers, products and property developments.

Step 4: Get finance pre-approval

Get finance pre-approval from a lender to show you’re ready to borrow the amount you need to buy your chosen home. Learn more about securing finance approval in our How to Buy a Home guide.

Step 5: Register your interest

Register your interest in a HomeSeeker SA property. If you’re first in line the sales agent will contact you to organise a property inspection and let you know the required deposit amount. When you are ready to proceed with the purchase the agent will ask you to sign the Declaration of Eligibility that verifies you meet the eligibility criteria.